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Whether you're looking to get started with Instagram, or you're an experienced Instagram marketer looking for inspiration, you've come to the right place! On this site you will find out how to use Instagram in your business with:
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These short, easy to follow videos cover the basics of how to use Instagram to make money with affiliate offers. Whether this is your model, or you intend to use Instagram for other reasons, there's plenty to learn about how to set up and operate a successful Instagram account.

Training Video 1

An introduction to affiliate marketing using Instagram
How to set up your Instagram account, then find and use affiliate offers.

Training Video 2

Setting up your profile, gaining loyal followers, shoutouts. 

Training Video 3

Hashtags, landing pages, product promotion and building a list.

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Instagram Stories

Discover how to leverage Instagram and the new "Stories" feature to get highly engaged followers, traffic, and make as much money as possible!

Instagram Monetization Checklist

An easy-to-follow guide to monetizing your Instagram account and turning it into an effective sales machine!

Build Your Brand With Instagram

A guide that shows you how to use Instagram to build and grow your brand, turning your followers into paying customers.

Start & Grow Your Business the Instagram Way

Using Instagram for your business can be effective and profitable - this guide shows you how.

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